Our Approach


The CARE Parent Therapy approach, developed by clinical psychologist Michael Axelman, Ph.D., is ideal for parents and caregivers who want to be actively involved in their child's or teen's treatment and healing.

CARE, which stands for Caring Adults, Respectful Environments, is based on the premise that parents, through a balanced expression of care, can promote healthy development and healing by serving as agents of therapeutic change. This approach is developmentally grounded and rooted in a belief in the capacity of children and families to rebound from adversity strengthened and more resourceful.

The CARE Parent Therapy approach helps parents build on their strengths as parents and understand where they can develop further to support their child or adolescent's growth.

For example, we help parents identify and cultivate:

  • Tolerance and limit setting
  • Praise and consequences
  • Support and challenge

We provide counseling and psychotherapy for children and adolescents, parents, and individual family members. Click here to find a CARE Parenting & Child Counseling therapist near you.